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Newsletter 2016 Q3: beckscocoa

Chocolate delights in a golden shell: Sonoco provides elegant packaging for beckscocoa’s drinking chocolates

Cocoa manufacturer beckscocoa leaves nothing to chance when it comes to packaging its new drinking chocolates. To visually convey the premium quality and exquisite taste of its two new products at the point of sale, the company relies on Sonoco’s 250-gram rigid paper containers with special decorative elements.

The packaging of the new single-origin cocoas Especial no. 5 Tanzania and Especial no. 7 Peru is a real eye-catcher: their labels feature a hot gold foil embossing in the shape of a cocoa bean.

Packaging as exquisite as the product
The elaborately decorated rigid paper containers underscore the exclusivity of their content. “Unlike conventional packaging solutions, the finished label stands out and transports the pro­duct’s high quality standard”, says Rolf Regelmann, Sales Director at Sonoco Europe. Thanks to its elegant design, the exclusive drinking chocolates immediately attract the attention of potential customers. beckscocoa’s new varieties can be found in selected cafés and delis or ordered from specialized online shops.

Protecting quality and aroma
The rigid paper containers are 110 millimeters tall and have a diameter of 83 millimeters. They predominantly consist of finished recycling paper, while the bottom is made of tin. The multi-layered body with its thin aluminum inner liner offers optimal barrier pro­perties and reliably preserves the exquisite chocolate taste and powdery consistency of beckscocoa’s products.

The easy-to-open and recloseable snap lid provides high con­venience. It protects the content from humidity and preserves its taste, even after initial opening. This means there is no need for consumers to transfer the product into another container. As a result, they perceive the packaging and product together – a major advantage in terms of brand management.

By relying on rigid paper containers, beckscocoa has chosen one of the leading packaging solutions for drinking powder products. Sonoco is the world’s leading manufacturer of these high-quality convenience solutions.


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