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Print Quality and Colour Management

Accuracy and consistency of colour and print is vital to retain a strong, global brand.

That’s why our print liaison team works closely with printers on each job. They ensure quality and consistency on a global platform and recommend the most cost effective print solution for our customers.

Our Print Quality Management program, SmArt PQ, uses advanced tools and methodology to ensure that customers achieve a consistently high quality standard of printed product, from each of their print suppliers.

Trident maintains a detailed database of over 6,000 printers worldwide complete with key printer specific information such as processes, machines, capacities, proofing capabilities, special finishes and treatments.

Our PPMs work directly with printers to assure a smooth, trouble-free transition from artwork and pre-media to the finished printed pack and deliver brand consistency.

Our colour management system sets acceptable standards for colour drift, based on the results of a ‘fingerprint’ test carried out on a specific printer’s machine.

A full range of proofing options are available, including:

  • wet proofing
  • 6 colour digital proofing
  • Kodak approval


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