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Workflow Management

ZEN is Trident’s highly automated, proprietary management information system that provides artwork briefing, production and brand management workflow processes.

ZEN integrates all artwork production roles and responsibilities into one globally shared, comprehensive and fully integrated platform, ensuring a superior level of consistency and quality is achieved at each step throughout the workflow process.  

ZEN offers the following benefits:

  • Fully customisable to meet customer needs and can be integrated into existing systems.
  • Provides global project management capabilities that offer collaboration tools, job tracking and KPI reporting and a central hub for management database, brand rules & style guides, technical drawings, and UPC data.
  • Drives the entire artwork creation process and offers complete control and transparency to every step in the workflow process.
  • Artwork Management/Quality Systems, or SmArt Technologies, have been developed by Trident and are integrated into ZEN.
SmArt Technologies
  • SmArt Copy - Automates the flow of copy directly onto print ready final artwork templates.
  • SmArt Artwork - Automates scripts to drive the creation of variants from masters to ensure brand consistency, speed and the reduction of errors.
  • SmArt Check - Coded to customer requirements and reviews artwork files against stored data, helping to reduce errors and reloops.


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