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Paperboard Containers

Timelessly innovative.

The way consumers connect with packaging is constantly evolving. With an inimitable array of sizes, materials, opening features and labeling options, we ensure a truly customised package tailored to the latest consumer preferences and to your product's needs. 

Providing benefits throughout your supply chain

Every stakeholder in your supply chain profits from packaging your product in a paperboard can. With Sonoco as your paperboard packaging provider, the difference is apparent on the store shelf and at home for the end consumer.


At Sonoco, we responsibly source the raw materials that go into our paperboard containers, and our recyclable containers reduce sustainability concerns for companies and consumers alike. Developed by proactive employees with a rich understanding of material science, our packaging structure and design are continuously improved. 


With more than 30 locations worldwide, our spanning global footprint ensures that no customer is too far beyond reach. Sonoco customers enjoy transportation savings because paperboard cans weigh less than tin cans. Additionally, the flexible nature of the can body results in less denting and reduces costly trade returns.


A variety of sizes in height and diameter allow your brand to have a demanding presence on the retail shelf. Our container heights and diameters are easily adaptable to fit special usage occasions or retail space considerations, costing little change-over time. To further differentiate your product, we offer an abundance of label and closure innovations. By switching from tin to paperboard, you eliminate the reinforcement beads and improve shelf appearance with a smooth, consistent label.


Knowing that a consumer can generate conclusions about the product from the packaging itself, easy-open ends and varying recloseable features are standard offerings to help attract attention in a retail setting. We've designed the paperboard container to be intuitive and safe, eliminating the threat of injury often present in difficult packaging. We keep your product safe, too: our team of packaging experts has a deep understanding of paperboard barrier requirements and has developed material properties sufficient to keep shelf-stable products fresh. 

Customised Features

Sonoco is your one-stop shop for a total packaging solution. We can design and create all your package components, including the container, ends, labels and graphics.

Composite Drums

The composite drum’s recessed lower rim, firmly glued bottom and options to integrate barrier layers in wax, polyethylene or aluminum ensure maximum protection for your products.


Compliment your paperboard container with an extensive portfolio of membranes and closures for adequate freshness, quality and functionality.


Sonoco’s composite paperboard cans are tailored to your individual needs. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, ends and closures and labeling options.

Markets Served

In markets ranging from confections to snack foods, from pet foods to personal care products, Sonoco provides customers with packaging that is cost efficient and innovative.

Case Studies

Read some of our customised paperboard container solution success stories.


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