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A variety of styles. Consistently convenient. 

Delighted customers. Increased sales. All delivered from one company – Sonoco. 

Make your product stand out on the shelf by selecting an end or closure from Sonoco’s comprehensive selection of easy-open closures (EZOs). Our experts have a portfolio of sizes, shapes and styles to meet your needs.

Metal and membrane closures

You can select the right cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for your product from our full range of steel, aluminum and peelable membrane opening systems for metal, rigid paper and plastic packaging.

Options and benefits include:

  • Gas-tight for optimal product protection, even for highly sensitive products such as powdered milk, nuts and coffee
  • Tamper-proof seals
  • Ring pull or flat tab options
  • A variety of design options for plastic lids, including multi-colour, transparent and in-mould labeling
  • Easy-open and resealable
  • Shaker and dispenser top options

Learn more on sonoco.com, or download a brochure to review our product catalog:

English Brochure (PDF)

German Brochure (PDF)

French Brochure (PDF)

Spanish Brochure (PDF)

Plastic closures

Sonoco also offers plastic caps for composite cans, luxury tubes and drums. Focusing on benefits that can be used in marketing, the Sonoco develops tailor-made product closure solutions that integrate seamlessly into the overall packaging design. Numerous options, including multiple colours, transparency or high-quality branding with in-mould labeling techniques offer plenty of creative freedom when it comes to packaging design.  Each year, Sonoco manufactures hundreds of millions of lids for composite cans and drums. From snap-on lids to overcaps and shaker tops, most of these components are more than just lids. They are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of our customers and their products. Contact us to learn more.


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