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Composite Drums

Maximum protection

Composite drums are a classic solution for packaging large volumes. From laundry detergent, to toys, to snacks for a crowd - Sonoco composite drums consistently deliver maximum brand impact through a variety of options including distinctive shapes and flexible sizing. They're:

  • Durable
  • Resealable
  • Dust- and trickle-proof
  • Suitable for automated filling and sealing 

The composite drum’s recessed lower rim, firmly glued bottom and options to integrate barrier layers in wax, polyethylene or aluminum ensure maximum protection for your products. Sonoco composite drum offerings are suitable for most filling systems and include:

  • "Bag in box" 2-pack, separable materials
  • UN-certified drums (groups 2 and 3) suited for hazardous materials
  • Resealable options
  • Child-proof lids and CRC (Child Resistant Closure) handles available
  • Selection of dosage outlets
  • Waterproof bottom for use in damp environments
  • Round, rectangular and square formats, with a wide variety of end sizes
  • Options suited for high volume and limited-lot production
  • Easy lamination with special in-line labeling systems
  • Perfect print image with high-quality, full-coverage offset labels

Composite drums primarily consist of recycled chipboard and can be reprocessed after use. 

Foldable drums

Foldable drums provide a large-volume, convenient packaging solution. Sonoco ships our customers the container components, and they are assembled on-site (Sonoco provides the required machinery on a lease or purchase basis). This saves you space and shipping costs.

Foldable drums have a capacity of up to 30 lbs (approx. 15 kg) and can be configured for 1.5-4 gallons (approx. 5-15 liters).

  • Safe handling
  • Enhanced stacking strength
  • Contains no metal parts (can be used with metal detectors)
  • Space-saving solution for easier transport and high-volume contents. 
  • Ideal for ice cream, semi-solid foods and other frozen products.


For questions about any Sonoco offering, contact us.


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