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It’s fun and functional; designed to inspire children and adults to make an impulsive reach for a favorite brand and ensure the contents satisfy their expectations for the perfect indulgence.  We aren’t talking about candy itself- rather, we’re describing the influence candy packaging has on others.

Today, confectionery encompasses a whole new generation of products. Not only do these new offerings create unique challenges in terms of packaging and barrier requirements, differentiation is more important than ever as more products compete for their share of Europe’s sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for confectionery packaging, you’ve come to the right place. Confectionery products are not created equal. Sonoco can help identify the requirements necessary to protect the product and which generate a longer shelf life.

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On-pack promotion options are another way to use packaging to drive sales. The confectionery market relies on impulse purchases to drive sales. And as shelves have become more crowded with new products and brand extensions, promotions have never been more important. Want to add fun to your product and give consumers a new reason to buy? Sonoco can bring on-pack fun to your product using a number of different labeling options. Look here for more details.


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