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To attract and keep the attention of consumers, innovative packaging formats is a priority. Paperboard containers can provide a sense of novelty and freshness to a brand. 

Sonoco understands the importance of a good first impression. That’s why we want to make sure your brand is viewed in the best light possible. Due to the limitations in tobacco advertising throughout Europe, packaging is the only opportunity to build brand equity. We can provide labeling solutions that create a point of differentiation from other tobacco products. From QR codes to special labeling for limited edition designs, Sonoco is here to meet your unique needs.  

Brand-loyal consumers need a large billboard to identify their familiar brand, which Sonoco can help with by providing superior labeling solutions. Other consumers are price-conscious and will be drawn to the financial benefits provided by a paperboard package. For those who are attracted to an innovative design, Sonoco has multiple options for differentiation on the shelf.

Taste and brand rank high as to why tobacco users choose the brand that they do.  To ensure product freshness, trust your brand in the hands of our experienced packaging professionals.   We have familiarity in packing products from a variety of different markets and as a result, know how to develop the right package to meet the requirements of our customers.

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