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Paperboard Technologies

Innovative solutions customised for our customers

Developing new innovations to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.

Sonoco’s composite paperboard cans are tailored to your individual needs. You can choose from the following formats:

  • Round, oval and rectangular footprints
  • Volumes ranging from 50 to 5,000 ml
  • Variable heights
  • Spiral, parallel or longitudinal winding methods with multiple layers for the can body
  • Individualised labeling for product presentation/sales promotion
  • Full range of innovative, high-quality materials, labeling and finishing techniques

Dedicated to innovation

Our in-house R&D center in Hockenheim has a team of dedicated employees who work continuously to develop innovative, custom-designed packaging, new materials and leading-edge machinery. 

Some of our unique product offerings include:

  • Blema paper bottom end
  • EvoCan® (evolution can) container
  • Recessed membrane for EvoCan® container or classic can
  • Shaped cans (oval and rectangular options)
  • Ready-to-serve can

Dedicated to Quality

Learn more about Sonoco's quality management and certifications


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