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Trust us for safety and freshness.

Your product requires freshness and protection. PermaSafe® barrier packaging, manufactured using injection-moulding technology, is virtually impermeable to oxygen and water vapor, which provides maximum product protection and freshness. The first injection-moulded plastic packaging designed specifically for sensitive products like pasteurised foods, it’s convenient and lightweight -- and it looks great on the shelf.

Our plastic tubs are easy to open, even for special groups like children and the elderly. With a sealable membrane upon purchase, and a lid that snaps tight upon reclose, your customers can feel good about product storage and reuse.

You can feel good about product protection, too. Our revolutionary combination of in-mould labeling, sealing properties and injection moulding opens a range of possibilities for our customers’ product concepts and applications. Our durable packaging stands up to rigorous filling, shipping and shelf conditions in a range of temperatures.

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Barrier In-Mould Labeling (IML)

Sonoco’s plastic consumer packaging is injection moulded using an in-mould labeling (IML) technique. This technique guarantees maximum freedom of design, showcasing your brand’s visual strategy while standing out on the shelf. Our IML packaging offers:

  • Shelf appeal – access superior graphics and branding via a label that covers more of your packaging’s surface area
  • Protection – Tests have shown a dramatically reduced water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) compared to standard monolayer polypropylene packaging 
  • Strength – the robust structure will survive the retort process
  • Efficiency – Choose a nestable design for supply chain optimization
  • Simplicity – IML packaging offers a high barrier delivered via a monolayer structure
  • Convenience – Lightweight and easy to open, IML packaging is ideal for on-the-go consumers

In-mould labeling is available for all our plastic consumer packaging, withstanding the rigorous filling and storing methods for pasteurised, heat-sterilised and frozen foods.