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Dips and sauces

Ensure that your sauce stands out from the crowd.

Thanks to outstanding barrier properties and resealability, Sonoco’s plastic packaging offers an ideal packaging solution for dips and sauces. Our PermaSafe® barrier packaging, manufactured using injection-moulding technology, is virtually impermeable to oxygen and water vapor, which provides maximum product protection and freshness. Perfect for sterilised and pasteurised food processes, it’s convenient and lightweight -- and it looks great on the shelf.

Individually designed labels, high-quality graphics and unique packaging shapes attract attention in the supermarket. It’s also convenient on the shelf in the store and at home -- PermaSafe packaging is stackable and requires 80% less shelf space than metal cans. It is also shatterproof and up to 90% lighter than conventional glass jars.

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Barrier In-Mould Labeling (IML)

Sonoco’s plastic consumer packaging is injection moulded using an in-mould labeling (IML) technique. This technique guarantees maximum freedom of design, showcasing your brand’s visual strategy while standing out on the shelf. Our IML packaging offers:

  • Shelf appeal – access superior graphics and branding via a label that covers more of your packaging’s surface area
  • Protection – Tests have shown a dramatically reduced water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) compared to standard monolayer polypropylene packaging 
  • Strength – the robust structure will survive the retort process
  • Efficiency – Choose a nestable design for supply chain optimization
  • Simplicity – IML packaging offers a high barrier delivered via a monolayer structure
  • Convenience – Lightweight and easy to open, IML packaging is ideal for on-the-go consumers

In-mould labeling is available for all our plastic consumer packaging, withstanding the rigorous filling and storing methods for pasteurised, heat-sterilised and frozen foods.


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