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Plastic Winding Cores

Plastic Winding Cores

The winding of sensitive materials requires precise winding cores. Even the slightest unevenness could cause tremendous trouble for the production process. The longstanding expertise of Sonoco Plastics allows producing winding cores within the lowest tolerances as well as precise roundness and straightness. This supports an optimized winding process to meet high efficiency. 

Our cores are available in various dimensions and plastic materials such as PE, PP, PS and ABS to provide any mechanical characteristics required -- from rigid to high-impact.

Film Market

Produced by injection molding up to a length of 2265 mm. This is worldwide unique and sets the highest standards in terms of roundness and straightness. Our high-quality extruded cores can be delivered in nearly all lengths. Our cores are available in ABS, ABS/SAN, PS, PS-HI, PE, PP and PA to provide any mechanical requirements desired - from rigid to high impact. Standard sizes 3” and 6”.

Tape Market

For wound materials in small widths such as tape, we manufacture highly precise injection-moulded winding cores. Using a special production process, we set the standard in surface flatness and tight tolerances.

Paper Market

We have developed our unique adaptor core especially for the paper production and converting industry: By combining a high strength with a lower weight (compared to standard paperboard cores), our customers are achieving 200+ cycles of reusability, leading to significant cost reductions.

For the small widths used for cigarette paper, we have other specially designed solutions.


Sonoco Plastics Germany GmbH holds:

  • DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • DIN ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management
  • DIN ISO 50001 Energy Management

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