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Keeping mymuesli crispy and crunchy

Sonoco is now producing rigid paper containers as the new exclusive supplier for the German muesli manufacturer mymuesli

Hockenheim, 8 October 2018 – (NYSE: SON) The German company mymuesli provides health-aware and sustainability-oriented consumers with muesli mixes that they can compose themselves. With Sonoco Europe, mymuesli found the ideal supplier for their iconic packaging. As of July, Sonoco produces all rigid paperboard containers for mymuesli. The packaging solution is ideally suited for both online distribution and through brick-and-mortar shops. Founded by three students as a webshop in 2007, mymuesli now also operates more than 40 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and is home to over 750 employees.

A core value of mymuesli’s products is the organic nature of their ingredients. When addressing environmentally aware customers, it’s crucial that the packaging complies with this approach as well. Sonoco’s rigid paper containers are made of approximately 90 percent finished recycling paper – which can be recycled again after use. Unlike the previous provider, Sonoco’s containers also feature a carton-based bottom, further facilitating the recycling process. The containers have a diameter of 90 mm and are 270 or 190 mm high, depending on the exact product. Sonoco implemented a new production line in Hockenheim, Germany, to produce these unusual container sizes in the required volumes.

Outstanding design and product protection

mymuesli’s new packaging solution also offers superior product protection. The wall and bottom are equipped with a barrier film that replaces the conventional aluminium. This enhances the gas-tightness so that the quality, taste and nutritional value of components like grains, nuts and berries are preserved even longer. “When we started looking for a partner, we had two main requirements: the new container had to be built to maintain the quality of our muesli as long as possible. And we wanted to see our sophisticated designs put into practice with the highest quality.” explains Wenke Blumenroth, Head of Corporate Communication at mymuesli.

Presented at the point of sale, the containers are sure to catch the eye. Consumers can choose from a broad variety of muesli mixtures that come in different styles of packaging, ranging from individual colours in high-quality print to advanced designs with hot foil embossing or printed floral patterns, just to name a few. To underscore the eco-friendliness of the containers, the sidewalls can be finished with natural paper, evoking a natural look and feel. On the inside, the container is now white instead of the previous glossy silver, creating a consistently high-grade look for the packaging as a whole.

Stability for storage and delivery

Thanks to their convenience and standout appearance, mymuesli containers are also very popular as storage containers in consumers’ households. The easy-to-open and recloseable snap lid provides high convenience and protects the product and its taste after initial opening. Since they are used in consumer’s households long after their original contents are gone, the unique mymuesli designs have a steady impact on consumer awareness, strengthening the brand’s image.

In addition, Sonoco’s rigid paper containers are extremely solid and stable – a key consideration for mymuesli, since online distribution remains the core of their business. Already sealed and wrapped, the containers need no further protection on their way to the consumer. “With mass-customized, organic muesli via online shopping, mymuesli has been filling a market gap from their early days up until today. As their production volumes continue to grow in the years to come, we at Sonoco are ideally equipped to cover their demand in the long term,” says Séan Cairns, Vice President and General Manager, Sonoco Consumer Products Europe.

About Sonoco Europe

At roughly 70 operations across Europe, Sonoco provides customers with a wide range of consumer and industrial packaging solutions. Consumer goods packaging solutions include composite cans, drums, and luxury tubes (also called rigid paper containers) with a variety of closures; plastic packaging; packaging services; and graphics management. Sonoco’s industrial division produces a portfolio of cores, tubes, and spools made from highly engineered paperboard or plastic for use with paper, textiles and specialty films. The Sonoco Thermosafe unit offers customers temperature assurance packaging solutions for the transport of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and other biologics. Utilizing a range of packaging materials, technical disciplines, material science and manufacturing capabilities, Sonoco takes a holistic approach to providing customized solutions that meet customers’ unique needs. To learn more, visit www.sonocoeurope.com.

About Sonoco

Founded in 1899, Hartsville, South Carolina-based Sonoco is a global provider of a variety of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging, and displays and packaging supply chain services. With annualized net sales of $4.8 billion, the Company has 20,000 employees working in more than 300 operations in 33 countries, serving some of the world’s best known brands in some 85 nations. For more information on the Company, visit www.sonoco.com.


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