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Our Commitment

Continuously improve the sustainability of our packaging and provide innovative solutions to meet our customers' sustainability goals.

Our Design for Environment thinking includes:

  • Packaging optimisation – creating the right size package for the product
  • Use of alternate materials and recycled content where appropriate to the packed product
  • Elimination of undesirable materials through utilisation of closures designed with non-BPA coatings and compounds, as well as solvent-free adhesives
  • Ensuring that each package has an end-of-life recovery option

Case Studies

Sonoco Alcore and ACE UK Open Carton Recycling Facility
Sonoco Alcore and the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) UK have opened a beverage recycling facility in Stainland, West Yorkshire. When the facility reaches full capacity in July, it will be the first time in seven years that the United Kingdom has had a place to recycle its beverage cartons. The new facility can recycle 25,000 tons of cartons, nearly half of the approximately 60,000 tons of paper-based cartons used in the UK each year. In additional to municipal recycling, Heathrow Airport, which generates around 110,000 tonnes of waste a year, 2.5% of which is coffee cups, is looking to recycle at the beverage recycling plant as well.

Sonoco Alcore will use the paperboard layers from the recycled cartons to produce coreboard, used to make tubes and cores for consumer and industrial applications, such as cling film, textiles and paper.

LEGO Hero Factory Toys
Sonoco's Flexible Packaging business designs and manufactures the flexible stand-up pouches used to package LEGO’s Hero Factory toys in our Poland facility. This conversion from both plastic and paperboard packaging resulted in a minimum 75 percent weight reduction of the various package sizes offered. 
Corporate Sustainability

Want to learn more about Sonoco's corporate commitment to shrinking the environmental footprint of the Company? Click on the link to visit our Corporate Sustainability page.


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